Vendor Summits: Whose Products Make It To Our Shelves?

Posted by Jack MacDonald on Sep 27, 2018 6:49:13 PM

As Harvest's reach across Arizona and across the country continues, we face new and exciting challenges in operating a expanding enterprise smoothly. When we’re confronted with what appear to be daunting obstacles, our team looks ahead and finds enticing opportunities to innovate and grow as our mission to serve you evolves.

We’ve delevoped a rigorous evaluation and selection process for determining outside vendors whose products we carry in our dispensaries. As you may have noticed already, we’ve recently solidified ongoing relationships with several new vape cartridge producers: KIND, Goldsmith Extracts, and Item 9 Labs. We will soon be implementing a similar process for finding producers of concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and CBD products to partner with in the future.

Our goal is to ensure that we carry a wide variety of products to meet patients needs, both broad and specific, while also keeping our number of vendors small enough to ensure consistency in product availability across all of our locations, and maintaining the capacity to more efficiently promote sales and vendor events for patients’ benefit.

Our decisions are not made hastily or inattentively; We’ve recently organized summits that allow medical cannabis companies from all over the state to present to us their products’ medical effectiveness, quality, safety, and manufacturing processes. We also evaluate their company structure and operation practices, research and future development initiatives, their capacity to educate staff and patients, and their ability to creatively promote products in ways that ultimately benefit our family of Harvest patients statewide. Every company's pitch is evaluated by representatives all throughout Harvest, including our Director of Operations, our dispensaries' General Managers and Patient Advisors, our extraction team, and beyond.

These rigorous “tryouts” lead to truly challenging decisions on our part, as there are so many medical cannabis vendors who have all presented us with their absolute best, most compelling pitches in order to secure a place with us, and it’s been no easy task to select the top contenders from such a deep pool of competition.

This process is designed to keep our shelves stocked with products of the absolute highest quality at the lowest possible cost. No matter which of our dispensaries you visit, from Havasu all the way down to Tucson, we seel to make you feel right at home, knowing that you'll consistently find the high quality of care that you’ve grown familiar with. As this process continutes, we want to make it exciting for patients. We plan on hosting plenty of exciting new promotions, sales, and vendor events that will not only allow us to evaluate the appeal and effectiveness of various brands and products, but also allow patients to participate in and benefit directly from these trials!

We thank you all for your support and friendship as we head towards a bright and rousing future for medical cannabis, and we hope you’ll keep an eye out for news coming by way of email, text message, and over social media as new opportunities arise for you to take part in Harvest’s ambitious aspirations!

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