Cannabis: A Path to Total Wellness

Posted by Harvest Headquarters on Jan 31, 2019 9:08:02 AM


People around the world are shifting their focus from treating illness, to embracing wellness. This is evident by the astounding growth in the wellness market. The global wellness industry reached $4.2 trillion according to the 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor, representing a 12.8% growth over two years.

Wellness can obviously mean different things to different people. For some, it’s about nutrition, supplements and fitness. For others, it’s nurturing the mind or spirit.

At Harvest, we believe it’s about all of the above. Wellness encompasses physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social and occupational well-being. And one of our favorite things about cannabis is that it supports optimal health across all six of these areas. We’re on a mission to help people discover how cannabis can promote total wellness and help create a healthier, happier you.

Health Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis is one of the most potent full-spectrum medicines known to date. It’s the medicine of choice for millions of people, providing health benefits that span our bodies, minds, hearts, spirits, relationships and workplaces.

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Cannabis for Physical Health – Build a Healthy Body

More people than ever recognize that cannabis has some physical health benefits. But few understand how comprehensive those advantages are. Cannabinoids provide support for your muscles, brain, stomach, eyes, skin and so much more.

Medicinal marijuana can help you:

  • Ease pain – both acute and chronic
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Lose weight
  • Promote clear skin and eliminate acne
  • Regulation insulin levels, and in turn, diabetes
  • Treat epilepsy and reduce seizures
  • Control muscle spasms and tremors associated with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy
  • Increase appetite
  • Calm nausea
  • Soothe symptoms of IBD and Crohn’s disease
  • Prevent the growth and spread of cancer
  • Treat metabolic disorders
  • Overcome addictions

This wide range of applications might just be why there are an estimated 3.5M medical marijuana patients in the U.S.. Of course, acne isn’t a valid reason to qualify for a prescription. But if you do have a medical card because of chronic pain or one of the other approved conditions, clear skin might just be a happy side effect.

Cannabis for Emotional Health – Find Your Joy

It’s safe to say that most people, at one time or another, have difficulty at times regulating their emotions – whether it’s navigating through a particularly tough stage in life or combating the daily challenges that are part of being human.

Marijuana can be a good medicine to help find and maintain emotional balance. Many people choose it to: 

  • Increase happiness
  • Reduce depression
  • Eliminate anger
  • Ease anxiety

It’s important to know that different strains and species create different emotional affects. Cannabis sativa is said to provide an uplifting experience and increased happiness, while cannabis indica might soothe sad and angry feelings. CBD-dominant strains are often the preferred option for patients with anxiety.

Cannabis for Social Health – Connect with Others

Cannabis isn’t just useful in brightening our internal landscape. It has also been known to make it easier to relate to other people. Many people who consume marijuana report that it helps them:

  • Alleviate social anxiety
  • Enhance communication
  • Increase empathy
  • Feel relaxed and friendly

In fact, CBD specifically has been clinically proven to reduce symptoms in patients with social anxiety disorder, which can be a debilitating condition for those who suffer from it.

If you have difficulty in social settings, people just aren’t your favorite creatures, or you downright dread going out into public, marijuana may be the right medicine to help you engage with others.  

Cannabis for Spiritual Health – Breathe and Be Present

For centuries, people have used the cannabis plant to increase spiritual connection and heighten awareness of ethereal energies. Spiritual cultures throughout history – ranging from Taoists and Hindus, to Buddhists and Rastafarians, to Ancient Greeks and possibly even Christians in the time of the Old Testament – incorporated the sacred plant into religious ceremonies and mystical practices.

But you don’t need to go back thousands of years to find record of the spiritual benefits of marijuana. Modern day gurus and seekers alike report that it can:

  • Increase awareness
  • Raise chi
  • Open chakras
  • Enhance intuition and psychic senses
  • Improve meditation

If you’re on a quest to align with divinity, nature, God or your own Soul, perhaps consider taking some cannabis on your journey – that is, if you have your medical card or live in a state that allows recreational use.

Cannabis for Mental Health – Embrace the Calm

Nearly 44 million adults, that’s one in five adults, in the U.S. deal with some form of mental illness or condition. Ailments can range from mild to severe. When used properly, cannabis can help alleviate many of these issues, including:

  • Insomnia
  • Autism
  • Eating disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Dementia
  • Cognition
  • PTSD

While studies regarding the connection between medicinal marijuana and mental health care are still in their infancy, there are extensive patient reports of the effectiveness of this medicine when it comes to providing relief for their mental well-being.

Cannabis for Occupational Health – Reveal Your Best Self

The workplace typically isn’t the first place people that think about using their medicine, particularly with the stigmatic association between THC and “being stoned.” Surprisingly though, cannabis can deliver several benefits that can be of value in the workplace. These include things like:

  • Improved focus
  • Increased creativity
  • Stronger communication skills

Yes, despite all the cultural stereotypes and depictions of the spaced-out stoner hippy, cannabinoids can actually help enhance our cognitive abilities. Of course, this depends to a large degree on the particular strains and consumption methods you choose. We recommend exploring some CBD products if you’re looking to experience these effects without the psychotropic qualities.

Harvest’s Cannabis Wellness Wheel

Harvest is dedicated to increasing awareness of the health benefits of marijuana. Each month we’ll explore a different aspect of wellness, and take a deep dive into the various cannabinoids, terpenes and medicinal marijuana products that work to support each area.

January was physical health month. We examined how cannabis can make it easier to stick to your workout routine, the proven benefits of CBD oil, how to achieve balance with indica and sativa, and essential tips for cooking with cannabis.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll be sharing throughout the rest of the year:

  • February & August– Emotional Health
  • March & September – Social Health
  • April & October – Spiritual Health
  • May & November – Mental Health
  • June & December – Occupational Health
  • And in July, we’ll circle back to Physical Health

If you’re ready to learn about all the ways in which medicinal marijuana can enhance your health and wellness, stay tuned to the Harvest blog for weekly educational articles on the benefits of cannabis.

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